Word Counter by Umer Softwares

Application name: Word Counter

Created by: Hafiz MuhammadUmer
Programming Language: Java
System Requirements: Java Runtime Environment (jre) . Download jre 8 from here. Download jre 9 from here. Download jre 10 from here
Minimum jre version: jre1.8.0_144
Download .jar file. Compatible with Windows.

Explanation: This is my  second GUI application in java. It counts the number of words, number of letters, number of digits and much more in a given text. It also stores the queries for later viewing. You can also choose not to save the queries. The history can be viewed later and deleted.

Source code: The source code of the application is available at:

You may not copy, modify or redistribute it without prior permission from Hafiz Muhammad Umer ([email protected]). The application itself can be distributed without modification but you are not allowed to decompile it.

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