Send Password Encrypted text messages in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular messenger that provides end to end encryption but a person that has access to you mobile phone can easily read your important messages. Here I am going to tell you a method which you can use to encrypt your messages with a password. That password should be known by both sender and receiver. This metod is only for android devices.
Both sender and receiver will have to install an application named “Encrypt Text Free”. You can see the icon below.

 Click the link below to download and install it.

Steps for message sender
1. Open the app “Encrypt text Free” and type the text message you want to encrypt.

2. Click the Encrypt/Decrypt Button.

3. Type an Encryption password in both rows (Passwords should match) and press Ok

4. Tap the Share button

5. Select WhatsApp

6. Select the contact you want to send and send the message in usual way

Steps For message receiver

1. When you receive an encrypted message you must know the password to decrypt it.

2. Long press the message and tap the copy button to copy it.

3. Open the encrypt text free app and paste the text there

4. Tap the encrypt/decrypt button

5. Enter the password and press Ok

6. The message will be shown on your screen

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