Awesome fonts for Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS and more

Here I am going to tell you about using amazing fonts in your textual conversations. These are actually not fonts but characters not available on our usual keyboards. They will make your messages look amazing. We will be downloading apps and using them to generate new fonts. So let’s start:
Here you have to download an app called “Text Converter”. You can see the icon below:
Click the button below to install it from Gogle Play Store:
Using app to generate fonts:

1. First we work in the “Converter” tab. Tap the box right to “Choose method”.

2. Use either “Upside down”, “Super script” or “Sub script”. Here I am using “Upside down” .Then type the text in the top box that says “Enter here for encode…”

3.   As I selected “Upside down”, the inverted text is ready.Use the share button (Shown by red box in the screenshot below) to share the text to an app or Copy button (Shown by orange) to copy the text to your clipboard and paste it anywhere.

4. To access more styles, you can swich to “Style”, “Decorate”, or “Special” tab.

5. Now type the text in the field that says “Type something”

6. Your text will be ready. Again use the share or copy button as mentioned in the step 3.

Here you have to download an app called “Stylish Text”. You can see the icon below:
 Tap the button below to get it on Google Play Store:
Using app to generate fonts:

1. Tap the field that says “Type text here” and type your text.

2. Your text will be ready. You can long press a stylish text of your choice to copy it to clipboard so that you can paste it in other apps.

3. You  can also press the WhatsApp button at the right of the text you like to share it on WhatsApp or you can press the messenger button to share it on Facebook messenger.

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