How to use Universal Copy?

Purpose of the app

You are using your smartphone. You want to copy something on the screen. You try to long press the text and copy that but you can’t do it. This app takes that pain away. It allows you to select and copy text from the screen that you can’t do with Android’s default long press.


You can search “Universal Copy” on the play store or click the following button to download

or scan the following QR code from your phone if you are viewing this on PC.


1. Soon after installing the app, open it and enable it by using the very first option. In the next dialog that appears, click OPEN SETTINGS. Find “Universal Copy” in the list of apps that appear.

2. Enable the permission. In the next dialog that appears, click OK. Universal Copy is activated successfully.


3. A notification will appear in the notification shade. Click the notification to enable copy mode. Now you can tap anything on the screen to select and tap the copy button.


4. The selected text will be copied to clipboard. You can paste the text in any application.


Also See: Clip Stack – Clipboard Manager for Android

Other Features and Options

1. By default when you enable copy mode, there is a bar at the top. If you feel that the bar hides the text that you want to copy, you can enable full-screen mode to hide that bar.


2. When the copy mode is activated, you can tap the text to select it, double tap to copy and long press to edit. However, you can change the functions of double tap and long press.


3. By default, you can enable copy mode from the notification in the notification shade but you can also enable the copy mode by long pressing some specified buttons (includes: back button, volume buttons,…). You can also disable the notification.

3. The app also has an OCR Mode which is not free. When there is some text on the screen that can not be directly copied, optical character recognition can be applied to an image of the screen to extract the text. If you do not want to pay for this feature, you can take a screenshot of the screen and apply OCR to it using this free app.
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