Windows key keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10

All of us have seen the Windows Key on our keyboards. I have shown mine in the picture above. For what we use the Windows key? Opening the start menu only or might be to take a screenshot (If you are my subscriber you must have been using it to take screenshots). But you can do much more with the Windows key. Here I am going to present more than forty keyboard shortcuts that include the Windows Key. You do not need to remember all these shortcuts. Just remember those which you use most and bookmark this page in your browser so that you can easily see other shortcuts when you need. You can also print this webpage. So let’s start.

Windows Key   Open/close the  start menu

Windows Key + Tab   Show virtual desktops

Windows Key + Ctrl + D   Create a new virtual desktop
Windows Key + Ctrl + F4   Close the active virtual desktop
Windows Key + Ctrl + Right/Left ArrowKeys   Switch virtual desktops
See this to learn more about virtual desktops in Windows 10

Windows Key + A   Open Action Center

Windows Key + B Move the cursor to an item on the taskbar. You can use the arrow keys to access the rest of items on the taskbar.

Windows Key + D   Show/hide desktop

Windows Key + E   Open Windows Explorer

Windows Key + F   Open feedback hub

Windows Key + G   Open Gamebar (Only for games)

Windows Key + Alt + Ptsc  Save a screenshot of current game

Windows Key + Alt + R   Record with gamebar

Windows Key + Alt + T   Show/hide the recording timer
Windows Key + Alt + G   Record the last  seconds when background recording is turned on for a game

Windows Key + H   Open Share Charm

Windows Key + I  Open Settings

Windows Key + K   Open Quick Connect

Windows Key + L   Lock the PC

Windows Key + M   Minimize all windows
Windows Key + Shift + M   Restore minimized windows

Windows Key + P   Open Project which allows you to configure multiple displays

Windows Key + Q  Open Search

Windows Key + R   Open Run

Windows Key + S   Open Search

Windows Key + T   Scroll through items on taskbar

Windows Key + U   Open ease of access


Windows Key + X   Open quick link menu

Windows Key + Comma   Show desktop temporarily

Windows Key + Enter   Open Narrator

Windows Key + Shift + Up   Stretch the currently opened window to the top and bottom of the screen

Windows Key + Home   Minimize/restore all windows other than the active window

Windows Key + Plus   Zoom into the screen using magnifier
Windows Key + Minus   Zoom out using magnifier
Windows Key + Esc   To exit the magnifier

Windows Key + (1-9) NumberKeys   Open the app pinned at that number on the taskbar. Please note that these are the number keys that are present in a row above qwerty not those in the numeric keypad.

Windows Key + ArrowsKeys   This is used to snap the currently active window to the top, bottom, right and left of the screen. Also with this you can minimize, restore and maximize the currently active Window.

Windows Key + Space   Switch keyboards languages/ Change the input method

Windows Key + Ctrl + F   Open search for computers

Windows Key + Pause/Break   Open the properties of This PC

Windows Key + PrtSc   Save a screenshot in the Pictures/Screenshots directory
See this to learn more about taking screenshots in Windows

An extra thing:

The shortcuts are not limited to the above mentioned only. Some of the shortcuts i.e. WindowsKey+X that open menus can be used to access sub menus. I am going to present an example.
Pressing WindowsKey+X brings this:

You can press U to open the Shut down or sign out sub menu (Pay attention on the underlined u in Shut down or sign out sub menu)

Then you can press  I to sign out, S to sleep, H to hibernate, U to shut down and R to restart your computer.

In short:

  • Press WindowsKey + X and then type UI on your keyboard to Sign out.
  • Press WindowsKey + X and then type US on your keyboard to Sleep.
  • Press WindowsKey + X and then type UH on your keyboard to Hibernate.
  • Press WindowsKey + X and then type UU on your keyboard to Shut down.
  • Press WindowsKey + X and then type UR on your keyboard to Restart. 

Also you can press WindowsKey + X and then press C to open the command prompt. These “sub shortcuts” are so much that I can not list them all. You can find them yourself. Just pay attention on the underlined letter when a menu opens..

These are the all keyboard shortcuts I found that include Windows Key. Have I missed any? Tell me in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to Umer Softwares.
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