How to force any screen orientation in Android

This app allows you to control the orientation of your screen manually and more powerfully. There are some cases when it is easy to use your phone upside down. This happens mostly when you want to use the phone while charging. Or may be your phone’s headphone jack is on the top and you want it to shift to the bottom for sometime. This app proves handy in such situations.

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The interface of the app is very simple. When you open the app, you get the option to manually change the orientation of your screen or set it to automatic. The automatic mode isn’t good. It just turns on the automatic rotation of your phone. So if you are using this app, adjust the orientation manually. For example, if you select reverse portrait, your screen will be turned upside down.  

  • Using landscape and reverse landscape sometimes distort some apps that are programmed for portrait mode only.
  • If you accidentally close the app while you have changed the screen orientation from it, open the app again to set it to normal. Otherwise, it can cause problems.

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