Is Augmented Reality the future?

Let’s start with the fold-able phones. If you are on the internet _ youtube or facebook, you must have seen videos for flexible phones. Right? Samsung working on flexible phones. They even showcased a flexible phone. You could imagine a tablet that was a thin flexible display that could roll into a cylinder. You could imagine a phone that could unfold into a large tablet. Why did’nt foldable phones become a reality? Firstly, the concept was quite possible. Samsung’s OLED display is flexible. It is being successfully used in Samsung and non-Samsung phones (such as the iPhoneX).
Why did’nt flexible phones become a reality? Why?
The answer lies in the question that what do companies want? Profit? Money? You are right. The companies want money. They would manufacture a product that would sell in market and generate them profit. Big companies have great sources to study the market trend to determine whether or not a product would sell and earn them profit. So flexible phones were’nt profit generating things. They were amazing but just imagine if there was a flexible phone in the market, would you buy it? You might answer yes but actually you would be thinking that what is in the phone? Is it worth for money? It could do nothing extra than a regular phone and must have cost more than a regular phone. So, it was not a profitable thing and eventually, the concept of flexible phones died.
After analyzing all this, we come to a conclusion. What big tech companies are developing and launching is much likely to have great sales in the market. These products are likely to be adopted by us.
On which new thing are these companies working on? The answer is AR, VR, 3D and all the things related to that. Google cardboard, Microsoft HoloLens, Samsung gear VR are the examples of this. These companies are investing great in these technologies. Windows 10 has a 3D builder and that it is really great. I am a regular user of paint and it felt like Windows 10 is pushing me to use Paint 3D.

I used it and had a great experience. Building 3D is easier than ever. Google’s ARCore is also out. If companies are really planning to get a great profit from this, we can expect VR glasses instead of our smart phones in future. The hologram technology will replace our TVs and big screens. Instead of video calling, we can expect 3D calling in which the person we are calling will be virtually standing in front of us.

Do these things seem fictional?  They are absolutely not. Back then Artificial intelligence seemed fictional. A few years ago companies like google were working on virtual assistants. Why? Because they knew that these things will be adopted by us and yes, that was true. Today we have virtual assistants on our phones and our PCs. Google assistant, Cortana, Siri, Alexa and Bixby are examples of these. Google home can control the lights of my home and even turn on the air conditioner. Cortana and Alexa powered speakers are also out. This example supports my argument. Companies were working on virtual assistants, now they are part of our lives. Now companies are working on AR and VR, they are going to be a part of our lives soon.

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