I got Laptop under Shahbaz Sharif E-Youth initiative 2017 4th Phase

Government of Punjab (Pakistan) recently distributed laptops to the brilliant students who scored more than 90% marks in the final matriculation examination 2016. I also got laptop for I got 95.5% marks. I got laptop on 14th May 2017 at the office of Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (B.I.S.E) Lahore.
I reached there before 9 AM and the first thing to do was to see your counter number as shown in the list below:
Then I had to stand at the last of one of the long queues under the hot blazing sun. It was really tiring. After it I had to enter the building in which there were queues at our respective counters.
I took the below picture while standing in the queue inside the building.
Below picture is of one of the huge buildings of board office from inside. I took this picture while looking up, standing in the queue inside the building.
Finally I got my documents verified and got the laptop with a bag.
The laptop was running Windows 10 and the verification key for Microsoft office was included in the box.

Following are the specifications of the laptop:

Company: Dell
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 pro education
Hard disk: 500 GB
Processor: Intel core i7 2.70 GHz
It was an amazing laptop, slim and light weight. The large touchpad made it more easier to use. The large RAM and powerful processor made it smooth working. Overall I was very happy to get it.
My junior Pakistani students! Do you 
 want a laptop? For this you will have to work hard. If you are not my junior and have already got a laptop, share your experience in the comments.


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    aoa! bhai i have also got laptop under phase 4 but i have little bit of a problem. Can you help me in solving my problem
    in my lapyop MS office cannot be activated how i able to activate it

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