Best Apps to save your eyes from bluelight on Android

Do you use your phone or tablet for a long time? If yes, then your eyes are exposed to harmful blue light for such a long time. Here I am going to tell you about some apps which you can use to reduce the bluelight coming from your phone or tablet’s screen. You can use any one of these apps on your phone or tablet. I have personally tried out these apps and I have ranked them here accordingly.
1. sFilter – Blue Light Filter:
I have put sFilter on number one because I liked it the most. It has many of the free features which other apps do not have. Its notification is the best. You can customize most of the things such as turning on or off the filter, enabling or disabling the on screen widget and adjusting the filter capacity. Overall it offers most of the features for free which other apps do not which includes a good notification and scheduling the filter. If you are looking for free app then this is the best option in my opinion.
2. Blue Light Filter – Night Mode:
This is on the second number. It offers less features than above but the performance is again good. From the notification, you can turn the filter on or off, turning on or off the flashlight and putting your phone to vibrate, silent and normal mode. 
3. Night Mode – blue light filter, eye protector:
In this app the notification has pretty less options. You can just turn the filter on or off from the notification. You can schedule the filter and adjust everything from within the app.
4. Bluelight Filter for Eye Care:
This is a pretty good app but most of the features are paid. So if you decide to pay, this one is good for you. Yet it allows the user to get coins by watching ads and downloading apps and unlock paid features but it is just a waste of your internet and time doing this.
5. Twilight:
This filter does not cover my navigation bar so if your phone has a navigation bar this might not be suitable for you. In the notification panel, a simple notification is displayed which when clicked brings an on screen menu which allows you to adjust the filter intensity and screen dim. Scheduling the filter option is available for free. It does not have as many features as the above apps but it is still an option for you.
6. Bluelight Filter Lite:
This is a small and a light app good for those people who have very limited internet connection to download it or very less space in their phone. It has very less features but it is an option for some people. If you don’t want the hassle of more features, you can use it. It also does not cover the navigation bar.
1. If your phone has a feature named “Protected Apps” then don’t forget to add the app you are using (from the above list) in the list of “Protected Apps” in your phone otherwise these apps will not work. Also if you are using a RAM/memory cleaning app then make sure to add the app you are using (from the list above) in the “Whitelist” (or something like that) of your RAM cleaning app.
2. When the filters in these apps are “on”, they might cause some buttons to stop working. Please turn the filter off if you find some buttons not working. (This is not a bug in these apps but a security feature of Android.) 
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