All you need to know about the .inc domain

Uniregistry Inc., in partnership with Intercap Registry Inc., announced the new .inc top-level domain on March 27, 2019. It entered the general availability phase on May 7, 2019, and now can be registered through many domain registrars. This domain is meant for business. Its high price, nearly $2500 makes it exclusive to big businesses only.

Meaning of .inc

In the world of business, INC. is a universally recognizable and respected sign of an established company. Therefore, those who register .inc domains are demonstrating investment in their digital presence, that they are incorporated in the U.S., and do business the ‘right’ way. It’s a sign of quality and stability.

.inc is the domain ending that means business. It is a professional extension for incorporated businesses. Being a great alternative to .com and .org, it seems more professional than other alternatives such as .co. If you already have Inc. in your company name and your company can afford it, this TLD is for you.


Prices of .inc domain on some popular registrars are:

RegistrarRegistration FeeRenewal Fee

Note: These prices were updated on 22-12-2019. Let me know if you find any price changed so that I can update it here.

The above table shows the prices for some common registrars where you can easily register your domain. I gathered the prices for you in one place so that you do not have to check them individually.

I personally prefer NameCheap for domain registration. You can get a $250 discount on registration if you register your domain on NameCheap using this link and use the coupon code GETDOTINC on the checkout.

Why is .inc domain so expensive?

This is the first question that might have come to your mind. To understand this, first, let’s see how the domain prices are set.

The wholesalers of the domain names are called registries. The wholesalers control their Top Level Domains (TLD). TLD is the last part of your domain such as .com, .net, .org, etc. But you buy domains from registrars. Registrars are the retailers of the domain names. When you order a domain through a registrar, the registrar (the retailer) has to pay a certain fee to the registry (the wholesaler) to get the domain registered. The registrar will now obviously charge you more than what it paid the registry because they have to earn their own profit as well. In this process, the registry has to set its fee which the registrar has to pay and the registrar has to set its fee which you have to pay. These both parties can set whatever the fee they want thus charging you whatever the amount they want.

But the prices for some domains are regulated by a non-profit called Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). ICANN negotiates a fixed wholesale fee with the registries. But this does not mean that every domain name that is regulated will be priced low. Some names have their own value.

The .inc TLD is professional and is meant for incorporated businesses only. It is meant for businesses that can pay high to get something premium with extra benefits. It is expensive because of its target audience and the value it provides to the business. You can make your business stand out because not everyone can afford this high priced TLD.

Why should I register a .inc domain?

This TLD falls into the premium territory. Because of its high price, normal businesses can not afford to pay for it. It is not very common in the general public yet. Having one can make your business stand out. There is very congestion in the .com TLD. Many businesses have a .com domain. This premium TLD is a great alternative to .co, .org and .net as well. It can make your company prominent in the sea of .com, .net and .org.

It is also worth noting that each .inc also comes with a bunch of ‘Member’ benefits, as premium as the domain itself:

  • Google – $150 ad spending match
  • GlobeNewswire – free press release to announce your new .inc domain
  • Indeed – $100 credit for sponsored listings
  • Square – up to $1,000 in free transaction fee credits
  • And many, many more.

I must mention here that these benefits are for the first year only. You have to pay for them the next year if you want to continue having these benefits. This makes the renewal even more expensive than the initial purchase price. That is why I have mentioned the domain renewal prices in the prices table. Note that the renewal prices are for the domain only without the cost of the extra prices.

You can get a $250 discount on registration fee and a low renewal fee if you register on NameCheap using this link and use the coupon code GETDOTINC at the checkout. Good Luck.

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